Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Upcycled Boho Chic

In between my jewelry frenzie I finished this cutie.
*Boho Chic*
 Since I had my beading stash out already ,
I decided to incorporate some bling in the body and handle of the purse to get the fun boho chic look.
I used wooden beads from a discarded carseat ,
painted them black and added some crystal blue beads to compliment the denim fringe and lining
(goodbye old jeans, it was a fun ride, but we have outgrown each other).
The body of the purse is of course crochet with Videotape and a size 2 hook
....my fingers are still cramping but it was worth it,
I love the tight stitching texture the 2 hook gives this purse.
Of course I added a zipper as well as an extra pocket in the lining....
I think that is why it took me forever to complete this project.....
my love for handsewing has not quite developed.

  All in All I love this boho chic beauty...
great with a pair of jeans and flip flops.
Until next time

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