Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jewelry Eco Style

 Tree of Life 
Inspired by the Ice Storm we had in December.
I used part of an earring for the circle, distressed it a bit to give it a bit more of an icy look, added a variety of previously loved bling and painted the silver wire trunk with a bit of sparkly glitter to get more of the frozen solid look ...

Stay tuned
and remember


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smart Repurpose

Take a discarded wooden bead car seat

Paint the beads

And Voila.....

Up-Cycling Glam




Stay tuned for more
up-cycling adventures


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rescued Vintage

After finally taking all my vintage

 and previously loved jewelry apart,

sorting the salvaged pieces by color,

I had the urge to create something purple and mauve.


another unique Eco-Glam piece.

Royal Mauve Jambalaya 

Stay tuned 
and remember


Friday, July 25, 2014

Eco Bling

An earring with a past,
beads and a chain from a broken necklace 
and of course some VHS Tape crochet
 make up for this statement piece

Up-cycling Chic at its best 

Stay tuned



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eco Glamour with VHS Tapes

This unique bauble I created with a variety 
of rescued materials.

Aqua Medley

I had previously rescued these pretty turquoise vase gems,
 that were used to decorate the tables at a baby shower I attended,
from their sudden death in the trashcan.

Always thinking of what I can do with peoples discards,
I decided to give them a new and glamorous life
 in the form of jewelry.

I started crocheting the encasing with VHS Tape,
then backed it with leather 
for a more comfortable feel on the skin.
I usually line all my VHS Tape jewelry with fabric or leather,
as it can be a bit scratchy if you have very sensitive skin.

Adding the gems in the casing, 
I was not satisfied with the look.
Rummaging through my jewelry stash,
I found some vintage turquoise beads as well as a few smaller pony beads that were just perfect for the look and texture I wanted to achieve for the piece.

For the final touch
I took a black one strand vintage bead necklace and turned it into a four strand choker style,
attached a drum closure and a jump ring for the pendant

A new star was born

Stay tuned for my next upcycling adventure coming soon.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Little Clutch

This Little Clutch I crochet with VHS Tapes..(one of my

fav mediums to work with ),

lined it with a cute white on black polka dot fabric ,which

in its former life lead a boring existence as a scarf,

added a zipper from my zipper collection.

(Yes I have a zipper collection...doesn't everyone? )

 Feeling it needed some adornment,

I added a cute little flower which was 

also crochet with VHS Tape/

and voila ..

My new clutch was


Stay Tuned For More Upcycling Adventures


Monday, July 21, 2014

Wedding Bliss

 Cloud 9 

Dearly Beloved

we are gathered here today 

to join Rescued Vintage Bead with Chandelier Salvage

 in Eco Glam Union 

Stay tuned 

for more exciting

 trash to treasure 




Sunday, July 20, 2014

Repurposing Garden Solar Lights

What do you do with your old nonworking garden solarlights?

I had 2 solar lights that were no longer functional,a ton of these candle rings that were just collecting dust in my cupboard.
So I went to work.....


With the help of my trusted glue gun
and a lot of patience
 these two beauties were created


Another great example how to upcycle items you thought were trash

Until next time

Remember to

Reduce And Reuse



Friday, July 18, 2014

Jewelry Makeover

*Blue Symphony*
This one of a kind necklace
 I created with pearl beads salvaged from a necklace
 that had seen better times in the 80's .
I partially strung the beads on a brass bangle,
 before shaping the bangle in a slight U shape
 and coiling the ends ,
then worked on the beading design for the necklace itself.
For the final touch I rummaged through my vintage jewelry stash once again
and found this unusual shaped earring ,
a perfect pendant for this unique design....
and voila..
Eco glam at its best

One Womans Trash Is Another Ones Glam

Until next time


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun with crochet

 Meet Mr. Mo
Hard to believe he was a scarf
in his former life ,
 leading a lonley existence in the scarf drawer

Scarf was in constant fear of being devoured by greedy little moths.
 He decided to hide in the farthest corner of the drawer behind all the other scarves to protect himself
and was promptly forgotten for 2 winter seasons.

Finally on a beautiful sunny summer day,
scarf was re discovered,
taken out of his dark hiding place,
given a bath,
rolled into a big ball of yarn......
and that's where his new journey began.

The End....or rather the beginnings of Mr.Mo

Until next time



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pop tab Bling

I love working with a variety of materials when creating my jewelry...
thinking outside the box to make pieces,
 that are as unique and original as you and I.

For this little beauty,
I used pop tabs and a crochet VHS tape border,
then added 2 faux crystal teardrops,
salvaged from a discarded chandelier.
Since I felt it needed more sparkle ,
I placed a caubochon,
 rescued from a broken vintage necklace in the center
to pull the eco glam look together.

Original upcycling glam at its best

Until next time


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Upcycled Boho Chic

In between my jewelry frenzie I finished this cutie.
*Boho Chic*
 Since I had my beading stash out already ,
I decided to incorporate some bling in the body and handle of the purse to get the fun boho chic look.
I used wooden beads from a discarded carseat ,
painted them black and added some crystal blue beads to compliment the denim fringe and lining
(goodbye old jeans, it was a fun ride, but we have outgrown each other).
The body of the purse is of course crochet with Videotape and a size 2 hook fingers are still cramping but it was worth it,
I love the tight stitching texture the 2 hook gives this purse.
Of course I added a zipper as well as an extra pocket in the lining....
I think that is why it took me forever to complete this project.....
my love for handsewing has not quite developed.

  All in All I love this boho chic beauty...
great with a pair of jeans and flip flops.
Until next time

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Upcycling Jewelry Frenzie

Keeping with my jewelry reviving theme.


*Mystic Jungle*

The hoop you see here belonged to a discarded bangle, poor thing was living a drab existance in my jewelry box..until now...I paired it up with some beads that were salvaged from a purse, the cute little leaves were rescued from a hideous looking spring wreath that was for whatever reason in my posession.
Look at it now..

Upcycling Glam at its best

Until next time

 One womans trash is another ones glamour.