Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fun With Ribbon

So what do you do with all the  ribbon left over from the holidays?

Do you save it and use it throughout the year to pretty up presents?

I'm ashamed to admit I am a ribbon hoarder ,
but come on ,when you see ribbon on sale you must grab it ,
better be prepared for the next birthday present.

The trouble was buying it, 
then placing it somewhere safe...
and then of course forgetting all about it.

 Finally I  smartened up and started storing it all in one place ,
shocked of how much used and unused ribbon had accumulated over the years .

So last year when I attempted  to sharpen my gardening skills,
I looked at  my ugly planters and thought that they needed some prettying up.

I did not want to use my precious yarn for the simple reason,
 it would get wet and stinky over the course of the summer. 
I needed something more weather resistant. 
Then  and there I remembered my ribbon stash and......

then I went a bit ribbon crazy....

and  just for the heck of it I made a crochet cover for a mason jar as well

More fun to come


Friday, January 25, 2013

Pop Can Fun

What to do with all those pop cans?..

welllllllllllllllll  the possibilities are endless...

here is one of my little ideas.....

more coming soon

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Love Affair.....

My Love Affair with upcycling VHS and Cassette Tapes

Ok, I admit I am obsessed with trash and curb side finds and simply all kinds of things I find around the house.

There is nothing more gratifying to me creatively, than eye-catching pieces made from ‘stuff’ that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 

One of my favorite creative endeavors is recycling VHS and Cassette Tapes into….well anything from jewelry, purses & bags, to planter covers and vases, to belts, frames and on and on… The sky is the limit.

I was sitting around the house one day , crochet hook in hand looking at my yarn when my eyes fell on my VHS collection collecting massive dust bunnies on my shelf and I thought hmmmmmm.. Could I… should I…?  And no I was not thinking of dusting!
Excitedly I pried the tape case open and my eyes fell upon this beautiful shiny black tape ready to be made into something fabulous……and that is where it all started

 Cuff using a vintage belt buckle to add more spark

cuff crochet with brown cassette tape using pretty turquoise beads

Monday, January 7, 2013

My World

Welcome to my world of  recycling, upcycling, 

repurposing ,green crafting and other creative adventures