Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eco Glamour with VHS Tapes

This unique bauble I created with a variety 
of rescued materials.

Aqua Medley

I had previously rescued these pretty turquoise vase gems,
 that were used to decorate the tables at a baby shower I attended,
from their sudden death in the trashcan.

Always thinking of what I can do with peoples discards,
I decided to give them a new and glamorous life
 in the form of jewelry.

I started crocheting the encasing with VHS Tape,
then backed it with leather 
for a more comfortable feel on the skin.
I usually line all my VHS Tape jewelry with fabric or leather,
as it can be a bit scratchy if you have very sensitive skin.

Adding the gems in the casing, 
I was not satisfied with the look.
Rummaging through my jewelry stash,
I found some vintage turquoise beads as well as a few smaller pony beads that were just perfect for the look and texture I wanted to achieve for the piece.

For the final touch
I took a black one strand vintage bead necklace and turned it into a four strand choker style,
attached a drum closure and a jump ring for the pendant

A new star was born

Stay tuned for my next upcycling adventure coming soon.


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