Thursday, May 9, 2013

Satisfy your Eco Chic

* Purple Moon*

Once again I combined my love for crocheting with VHS Tapes.
2 VHS tapes were sacrificed along with one DVD,
a vintage necklace was dismantled and a few beads were re purposed for the handle
 along with a sachet from a top that was used in a previous project.
The lining of course is also re purposed fabric
....and now one of my pants is missing a zipper...
because this purse just had to have one .

All in all 100 % upcycled

Stay tuned for my next project
remember to
 reduce ,reuse, and recycle



  1. Hi there! Love your work. So creative. I have some VHS tapes that I'd like to get ride of but don't want to put them in the garbage. Would you like them?

    1. Hi Lisa
      Thank you for liking my work....and yes I would love to take the tapes of your hands..just let me know your location.....if it is out of my area perhaps some avid upcyclers in your are would be more than happy to take them of your hands..:)..just send me a message Have a great day !